Systems and Patterns

3rd - 6th October 2019

Residential, with non-residential option

Applewood Permaculture Centre

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  • Aranya


    Completing his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2003, Aranya started teaching the following year. He discovered this made his heart sing, so he made it his main focus. Since 2004 he has taught over 85 two-week design courses, something he has no intention of stopping. He feels that it's a privilege to have the opportunity to teach "something that can make a real difference in all our lives".
    Aranya is also excited about new ways in which permaculture thinking can help us, developing new courses on using its principles to help us design for optimising our health and creating ethical livelihoods.
    In the spring of 2012 Permanent Publications published his first book 'Permaculture Design - a Step-by-Step Guide', which evolved from a set of design course worksheets. He also writes occasionally for magazines and from time to time shares interesting items on his blog. Aranya is currently writing a second book, about a subject he’s especially fascinated by, the application of systems thinking and patterns in permaculture design.
    ‘As a leading practitioner Aranya understands what it’s like to begin to turn your life around and to continue learning as you put permaculture into practice'  Trish Taylor (Permaculture Design Certificate Graduate)
  • Looby Macnamara

    Looby Macnamara

    Looby was first inspired by permaculture when eating a flower salad from a 6 foot square patio garden bursting with vitality in the middle of an urban jungle. She went on to do her permaculture course in Brighton, but it was not only the content of the course, but how it was taught that led her on the path to teaching permaculture. Her path since has been life changing and has affirmed the belief that we can all take positive action to benefit ourselves, our communities and our planet. She is interested in how we can use Permaculture principles, ethics and design in all aspects of life, and as part of her Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design she included several non land-based designs.
    Her book 'People and Permaculture' was the first book to directly explore the application of permaculture design and principles to our lives and relationships. She teaches a diversity of permaculture courses, including introductory, full design, advanced design, teacher training and peoplecare courses. In 2016 she moved to Applewood Permaculture Centre, a 20 acre smallholding in North Herefordshire with her family and partner Chris Evans. She is also a senior diploma tutor and experienced in people based designs.
    Looby has been developing the Cultural Emergence toolkit for positive cultural evolution for individuals and communities. The understanding of both systems and patterns is a fundamental part of the effectiveness of this toolkit. Hence Looby invited Aranya to collaborate on this pioneering course to deepen and share our knowledge and enthusiasm for systems and pattern thinking. 

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